1) Devotee: “Baba not getting my wedding!”

Nirmal Baba: “who keep the photo in his pocket?”

Devotee: “Narendra Modi.!”

Nirmal Baba: Would be pleased to put a picture of stagnating, digvijay Singh me Pocket!

Marriage until old age.

2)   Journalist :

Kashmir is even worse,

Shootout at the border,

What do you say ?

Rahul Gandhi :

Limit should remain at home for a few



3) Dangerous Joke
Slapped a penalty of Rs 1,000 to kill wife told the judge ..
Santa then asked the judge: –
“Slapped one another sad .. ??
Judge angry: – Why .. ??
Santa: – because I do not have change notes of Rs 2,000.


4)  Santa was giving interview to a Microsoft company,

Four version of Java Intrwukrta: tell,

Accountant dies Java, Java erased, plundered Java, and Java Sddke.

Intrwukrta: Congratulations, Java now directly home.



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